3 Ocak 2016 Pazar

Happy New Year

We had a cold snowy christmas as it's supposed to be and it was also cozy and cheerful since we were with some of our good friends who always warm us even in the coldest day of the winter with their company. I always appreciate existence of  friends and family members in special days or holidays since i had lots of new year's eves or holidays which there were only me and my mom. I always felt a little bit sour those times in the past and it made me wish to have a very big family in the future. I hardly say we are the biggest family but at least I have a tiny little sister so we are four now. Better then three right? However I also made lots of good friends who make me feel like they are my family in particular times. It sounds like I'm making a very sentimental speech here but seriously sometimes you have to realise what you have. And I'm certainly aware of what I have and I'm glad to have them.
Now it's time to think about what i want to do with my life. It's not a HR question, it's the question i should have ask myself years ago. Now it's not late but before being late and missing the train i should find  the answer and do what i should do. There is no help to think over the daily craps and all the silly things. So I wish to have enough courage to follow my dreams this year and I wish the same for all others. Let's be brave and make our paths to get the Emerald City of ours.

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