20 Eylül 2014 Cumartesi

All Alone

I was thinking about romance. What eactly it is?  For example let's think about romantic movies. If somebody ask you to count best romantic movies, which ones would you say? I tell you, probably you say Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, sweet november, titanic, notebook, dirty dancing, autmn in newyork ...etc.
Yes i know, all we know that these movies are so sentimental, sad and very impressive indeed. I've seen sweet november for thousand times neverthless i can still watch it and cry at the last seen. for example Titanic, Is there anygirl who haven't seen this movie in 90s and felt in love with Leo? I don't think so.  But. There is a very big but.
At the end of the day I would say Edward Scissorhands or Star Wars:Attach of the Clone are the best romantic movies. I'm not counting Before Sunrise cause it's deeply romantic i don't need to say this:) Whatever lets go back to my point. Why do i consider these movies as romantic. Cause there is a realy natural love in these movies in someway the others don't have. Most of the romantic movies have this typical man and woman perception. A beautiful, interesting and smart woman with a hundsome charisma and very succesfull man profile. You can easly predict the end of the story.  But think about the Mulder and Scully in the X-Files. We can understand that they abviously love each other though there is no word between him and her about a relasionship. They trust each other, they have a connection. most importantly they are good friends. They care about each other. They are not wasting their time worrying about some stupid relasionship rules (whatever it is :)), They just know it. They don't need to say or hear 'Oou sweety , my honey bee, i love you', 'No , i love you'. When I see this kind of scene in a movie or something, i want to say 'Ok enough i think, who wrote this script? Even five years old kid can do better!'
So i would rather a relaionsip as he says 'i love you' and you answer like 'oh brother' !

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